Refund Policy

Verified purchased customer shall be eligible for a 50% refund on the purchase price of each NFT purchased. The User must, transfer the NFT back to Epic NFT in order to receive the 50% refund of the purchase price of the NFT that is the subject of the refund.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, you agree and acknowledge that we are under no obligation to allow refunds on the Site, other than the refund mentioned above, in relation to any transactions that may, be refundable. Any refund beyond the 50% value of the purchased Epic NFT, whether monetary or otherwise, in relation to the Site and your use of the Site and all its features and assets are considered, accepted, or rejected at our sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, the following scenarios in which you may potentially suffer loss, harm, or damage:

(a) accidental purchases made by you;
(b) glitches, malfunctions, or other technical errors encountered on the Site;
(c) being made victim of another user’s fraud, deceit, prohibited activity, or misdemeanour;
(d) fluctuating pricing by other users;
(e) unreasonable pricing by other users;
(f) the use of the Site and/or its features and assets in a manner not consistent with a relevant intended purpose.